Tamil Nadu Confirms First Case of Zika – Within 11 Days of Detection

New Delhi: The Tamil Nadu government conducted three tests in different states before confirming the positive case of Zika virus.


Series of stories on Zika in India

29 May 2017
No Zika, Says Key Disease Surveillance Portal, Contradicting Health Ministry, WHO

While the Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme reports in detail about food poisoning, cholera and even Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, it has reported zero cases of Zika, though the government and WHO confirmed three cases.

2 June 2017
India Used Questionable Loophole to Hide Its Zika Cases From the WHO

Indian officials say there was no responsibility to inform the WHO, while the WHO says there was.

2 June 2017
Days Before Confirming Three Zika Cases, WHO Moved India to Same Category as Brazil

India was moved up from the safest category 4 to category 2 in WHO’s country-classification table for the Zika virus.