Exclusive: Philip Morris Funded Anti-Smoking Foundation Targeting Public Health Leaders With Grants

New Delhi: I broke three stories relevant to the global health community, on the tobacco industry’s pursuit of public health leaders.

13 December 2017
“Exclusive: Philip Morris Funded Anti-Smoking Foundation Targeting Public Health Leaders With Grants”

15 December 2017
“Public Health Leaders Ask to Be Removed From Mailing List of Foundation Offering Them Tobacco-Funded Grants”

24 December 2017
“Top Universities Reject Big Tobacco’s Research Funding While Harvard is ‘Discussing’ it”


How the University of California Is Fighting a Proxy Patent Battle for an Expensive Cancer Drug in India

New Delhi: The university appears to be representing pharmaceutical companies Pfizer, Medivation and Astellas in its patent battle. They aren’t telling the Delhi high court this, but they do talk about it in other documents.



Keep Off Indian Drug Patents Law, US Lawmakers Who Lobbied Modi Are Told

New Delhi: In their letter, many individuals and organisations stated that a country with as much poverty as India should not enforce patents on drugs and vaccines the same way industrialised countries have.