Togadia’s Speech at IMA Revives Debate on Role of Doctors in Violence, Inciting Hate

New Delhi: Even as the Indian Medical Association head claims he was unaware of the polarising VHP leader’s past, others say he could help doctors gain attention to their demands.


Doctors agitation: Peripheral hospitals hope to be on equal footing

New Delhi: Doctors across Maharashtra and in other places have been on strike, protesting against the lack of security in hospitals and attacks on medical professionals.

Manipur Elections: A Riddle Of Hill And Valley

Manipur: As two national parties battle it out, the fault lines that run through the northeastern state only come out sharper.

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Interview with BJP’s Ram Madhav, on the Manipur elections

Manipur: The BJP’s general secretary in charge of northeastern states, Ram Madhav, says the popular expectation is that the Centre should do more in Manipur.

Declare United Naga Council An Unlawful Body, Writes Manipur CM To PM

Manipur: The Chief Minister asked the Prime Minister to declare UNC unlawful owing to their “anti national and anti people” activities. Read here: