How Mukul Rohatgi Set the Cat Among Pigeons on Privacy, and Now Says He Didn’t Intend To

New Delhi: In August, a historic nine-judge bench of the Supreme Court ruled that Indians had a fundamental right to privacy. The matter had been pending in court for two years. The person who told the court that privacy was not a right in India, is former Attorney General of India, Mukul Rohatgi. His statement also stopped 21 other cases which were challenging the Indian government’s implementation of the Aadhaar project.

In a long interview with him soon after he left office he said, “I did not mean that, that privacy is nothing.”

Story: “How Mukul Rohatgi Set the Cat Among Pigeons on Privacy, and Now Says He Didn’t Intend To”

Transcript: “Interview: Former AG Mukul Rohatgi Says He Never Intended to Contest India’s Right to Privacy”


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