Panel: Going beyond privacy-The social justice implications of surveillance culture

New Delhi: I was invited to speak on the panel, ‘Going beyond privacy-The social justice implications of surveillance culture,’ at the Digital Citizen Summit in Delhi. For this, I discussed my reporting on the Aadhaar technology and system being rolled out in India and being opposed in various courts.

21 June 2016: And Now, Aadhaar Is Mandatory for TB Patients Seeking Government Cash Benefits

13 September 2016: How Mukul Rohatgi Set the Cat Among Pigeons on Privacy, and Now Says He Didn’t Intend To

13 September 2016: Interview: Former AG Mukul Rohatgi Says He Never Intended to Contest India’s Right to Privacy


Keep Off Indian Drug Patents Law, US Lawmakers Who Lobbied Modi Are Told

New Delhi: In their letter, many individuals and organisations stated that a country with as much poverty as India should not enforce patents on drugs and vaccines the same way industrialised countries have.

Government Submits Rare Disease Policy to Delhi HC, Recommends Rs 100 Crore for Genetic Diseases

New Delhi: In November 2016, the Delhi high court had ordered the government to finalise a policy on rare disease as patients repeatedly petitioned the court asking that the expensive drugs required for treatment be provided for free.