Modi in UK: Diaspora activism to trash NRI adulation myth

New Delhi: Even as Narendra Modi supporters scamper to bag a pass to Friday’s Wembley extravaganza, some Britons of Indian origin refuse to become ‘fan bait’ to help bolster his image back home. Read it at this link:


Inviting a War Crime Accused to Indo-Africa Summit Raises Eyebrows

New Delhi, India: India invites Sudan’s President Al-Bashir to New Delhi. Al-Bashir has a pending arrest warrant from the International Criminal Court, for his alleged role in war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. How will India balance politics, legalities and human rights? Read it at this link:

Life Gets A Long Rope

New Delhi, India: OPEN Magazine’s cover story this week is my story on the recent Supreme Court verdict commuting fifteen death sentences to life imprisonment. In it, I talk about how the judgement is nothing short of a miracle, yet it is macabre because it seeks to bring more efficiency to the process of execution. Read it at this link: