Exclusive: Philip Morris Funded Anti-Smoking Foundation Targeting Public Health Leaders With Grants

New Delhi: I broke three stories relevant to the global health community, on the tobacco industry’s pursuit of public health leaders.

13 December 2017
“Exclusive: Philip Morris Funded Anti-Smoking Foundation Targeting Public Health Leaders With Grants”

15 December 2017
“Public Health Leaders Ask to Be Removed From Mailing List of Foundation Offering Them Tobacco-Funded Grants”

24 December 2017
“Top Universities Reject Big Tobacco’s Research Funding While Harvard is ‘Discussing’ it”


If We Can Build Mangalyaan, Why Can’t We Do More in Health Sciences: New WHO Deputy Director General

New Delhi: Taking charge as WHO’s deputy director general in December, India’s Dr Soumya Swaminathan speaks to The Wire in a sixty minute interview, about global health, where India stands on medical research and how women can get ahead in the workplace.

Soumya Swaminathan: “My personal opinion is there is no scientific basis for homeopathy. And therefore, there may be people who believe the opposite but I would need to be convinced:

Transcript: https://thewire.in/200847/soumya-swaminathan-who-health-medical-research/

Video: https://t.co/d0lghCM8sO



How the University of California Is Fighting a Proxy Patent Battle for an Expensive Cancer Drug in India

New Delhi: The university appears to be representing pharmaceutical companies Pfizer, Medivation and Astellas in its patent battle. They aren’t telling the Delhi high court this, but they do talk about it in other documents.



Panel: Going beyond privacy-The social justice implications of surveillance culture

New Delhi: I was invited to speak on the panel, ‘Going beyond privacy-The social justice implications of surveillance culture,’ at the Digital Citizen Summit in Delhi. For this, I discussed my reporting on the Aadhaar project being rolled out in India and being opposed in various courts.

21 June 2016: And Now, Aadhaar Is Mandatory for TB Patients Seeking Government Cash Benefits

13 September 2016: How Mukul Rohatgi Set the Cat Among Pigeons on Privacy, and Now Says He Didn’t Intend To

13 September 2016: Interview: Former AG Mukul Rohatgi Says He Never Intended to Contest India’s Right to Privacy

Gorakhpur: Adityanath Government Has 23 Reasons for 23 Deaths, But Lack of Oxygen Isn’t One of Them

New Delhi: I reported a series of stories on the tragedy in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, where 23 infants died over one night in the BRD Medical College, allegedly from a lack of oxygen.

12 August 2017
“Gorakhpur: Seven Deaths a Day ‘Normal’, Says UP Government, Ignoring That There Were 23”
The UP government insists that the deaths are unrelated to any oxygen shortage, though they are yet to explain why 23 children died on August 10. https://thewire.in/167303/gorakhpur-30-deaths-oxygen-up/

14 August 2017
“Gorakhpur: Adityanath Government Has 23 Reasons for 23 Deaths, But Lack of Oxygen Isn’t One of Them”
With the government giving 23 natural reasons for the children’s deaths, the official line eliminates any human or institutional hand or negligence. https://thewire.in/167666/gorakhpur-deaths-adityanath-oxygen-23-causes/

15 August 2017
‘If Oxygen Was the Problem, Others Would Have Suffered as Well,’ Says Uttar Pradesh Health Minister
“One can keep blaming us for things but this is an exercise which has been neglected for the last 20 years in the state of UP, Bihar, Assam,” UP health minister Siddharth Nath Singh said.