The Cruel Business Of Brothels

New Delhi: Authorities collude to run flesh trade and sex slavery in the red-light areas of Delhi, Mumbai and Calcutta.

‘We Know GB Road Brothels Are Run By Two Senior Delhi Politicians’: DCW Chairperson Swati Maliwal talks about her dream to make Delhi a place where no brothel should have minors and no woman must be trafficked.





The Sins Of Our Fathers

Outlook’s Minu Ittyipe’s cover story on sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.

My interview with Most Rev. Theodore Mascarenhas, Secretary General of Catholic Bishop’s Conference of India. “If we have failed in any way, we would apologise to the people we have hurt. That is the official position. This is why we are working on our own sexual harassment policy at work.” he says.

My story on when India will have its ‘Spotlight moment.’


Media Forgets Section 377 Affects Heterosexuals Too

New Delhi: In what is the last stretch of one of the biggest civil rights issues India has seen in recent times, can an editorial change in media reporting affect how the heterosexual masses interact with India’s sexual minorities? Read more at this link:

What ails India’s Juvenile justice system

New Delhi: Public opinion on crimes against women has pushed for stronger legislation when it comes to juveniles accused of heinous crimes. But the men I met only had gratitude for the current juvenile system that focuses on rehabilitation. They fear that ratcheting up punishment will not address crime. Read it at this link: