Coverage of JNU, nationalism and sedition debate in India

New Delhi:

15 March 2016: The Man And The Movement: Listen to Outlook journalist Anoo Bhuyan on the rumours of Kanhaiya Kumar and three other JNU students’ rustication and the future of the movement started by them

21 March 2016: Interview with Kanhaiya Kumar, President, JNU Students Union

7 March 2016: The Camera Is Their Hatchet Man

7 March 2016: Interview with Zee News’s Sudhir Chaudhry

29 February 2016, inputs to cover story: In The End, It Was Raining Slogans On Main Street

29 February 2016: Interview with Shehla Rashid, Vice President, JNU Students Union

18 February 2016: Notes From Massive JNU Rally In Delhi
On the day when the BJP government has said that all central universities should compulsorily hoist the Indian flag, thousands of students loosely labeled by right wing groups as ‘anti-nationals,’ demonstrated peacefully in New Delhi. The so called anti-nationals were not heckled by right wing ‘nationalists’ either. Read more at this link:


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