35? You’re too old for AIR!

New Delhi, India: In 2013, India’s state broadcaster, Prasar Bharati, took a decision to stop broadcasts by all contractual radio presenters above the age of 35 on All India Radio’s FM Rainbow channel. Read it at this link: http://indiatogether.org/prasar-bharati-fm-rainbow-decision-to-dismiss-older-casual-presenters-media


One comment on “35? You’re too old for AIR!

  1. Rosie says:

    Hi, Anoo!

    I am Rosie and is a Twitter friend of RJ Sunil Verma. His last tweet was a very depressive one: https://twitter.com/rjsunilvarma/status/503611375214551040. Before that post he posted morose songs pacifying the death. Despite repeated tweets from my side he has not responded. Is it ok if you share me his cell phone number if you have or at least track him down if you know him personally.

    All his followers on Twitter are worried to the core. Please help.


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